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The Amateur Hour presents a variety of talented young people from this area. They have been selected by auditions to perform and vie for cash prizes and trophies. The Amateur Hour Contest is divided into three Divisions: Junior Division for preschool through 5th grade, Middle School Division for 6th grade through 8th grade, and Senior Division for High School students in both singing and dancing categories. A category for college students up to the age of 24 years old has been included in the vocal category only.

Nightly winners in each division receive the honor to return on Friday to participate in the finals, while the runners-up each receive a trophy.

2022 Amateur Hour Performance Times
Monday 8:00 PM Main Stage
Tuesday 7:00 PM Main Stage
Wednesday 7:00 PM Main Stage
Thursday 7:15 PM Main Stage
Friday 7:00 PM Main Stage
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